How to utilize gMSA for NAS backups?

  • 21 February 2023
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I am planning to migrate a lot of data from NAS1 to NAS2 (CIFS) and I am curious about the way to utilize gMSA accounts instead of standard username/password pair. 

For all scheduled tasks I am running on Windows Servers, I am trying to move to MSA, and for any services that vendors do support, I move to MSA also. I did not find a way to utilize gMSA in Commvault because it requires a username/password to create an account. The support team recommended talking to our CV representative which does not make any sense. 

Did anybody think about using MSA for CIFS shares backups?

Or, another idea is to create a group of CV Media Agents and then manage CIFS shares access per this group. Ideas? 


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Good morning.  I believe Support most likely recommended having you reach out to your representative to have them assist with opening a CCR to request the ability to use gMSA for CIFS.  That is just my guess but that usually why that would be recommended.