jobresults folder in azure storage

  • 2 December 2021
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a customer of ours is using the Onedrive backup functionality with 4 acces nodes.

they have allocated azure storage as a shared path for all 4 nodes their jobresults.

so that they can manage the data more easily.


the customer however allocated COOL tier storage for this, and we are coninously getting the following error in the discovery: Exception raised while creating tables. SQLITE_IOERR[10]: disk I/O error

so we are wondering if COOL tier storage is supported for a Jobresults folder?

i could not find a direct reference to this in the docs.


kind Regards,

Thos Gieskes.


Best answer by Mike Struening RETIRED 2 December 2021, 16:53

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4 replies

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Hi @Thos Gieskes , great question.

My gut instinct is “No, this is not supported/advised”, though I want to get a nice documented answer for you to present to your customer.

The best I can find (that’s remotely close) is using a unc path:

This is likely simply omitted because it’s ill advised, though Cloud based storage for various use cases is becoming super normalized these days…..we really should get something documented.

Let me talk to our docs team and see what I can find out.  At the least I’ll get a Doc MR in for you and a reply here.

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@Thos Gieskes , confirmed with development that we require Hot.  Cool (as you see) is not supported.

I already created a Doc MR with your email address so you should see the updates.

Let me know if you (or your customer) have further questions!

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hi @Mike thank you very much for the conformation on this.

i will inform my customer!


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My pleasure!!!