Libraries With Mixed Drive Types

  • 16 March 2021
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We want to use a library with 1 LTO6 and 3 LTO8 tape drives.

The LTO8 tape drives will be used for new backups on new LTO8 tapes (associating a Barcode Pattern with a Scratch Pool and the Storage Policy with the Drive Pool and Scratch Pool).

The LTO6 tape drive will be used only for restores from existing LTO4 tapes.

What will happen if I import an LTO4 tape in the library for a restore? Will it be loaded into the LTO6 tape drive automatically, or can I do something to arrange that? Or could it accidentally be loaded into an LTO8 tape drive?



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2 replies

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Hey @iConsultant !  Good question!

The first thing you’d want to ensure is that you have Master Drive Pools for each of the types set up.

When the restore runs, it will default to the pool for that Storage Policy, though you can specify a drive pool for the restore to use the LTO6 pool regardless.

Let me know if that answers for you!

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Ofcourse! When performing a restore, I can just specify the drive pool / drive. That will do! Thanks