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  • 2 November 2021
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we are using OnePass for Filesystem and Content Indexing the archived data. For that we have one CI Server in a CI Cloud. Now we want to Upgrade the OS of the Server in-place. is this possible or do I have to create a new Index server and content indexing all jobs again? 


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4 replies

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Hi @flokaiser 

I’ve checked the FAQ for Content Index and Search Engine, but not really found anything concrete for in place OS upgrades.

There is a process to move the search engine, index and web server roles to other servers if this is more of a hardware refresh task, which would avoid the need to create new and re run content indexing.

Search Engine Hardware Refresh

Web Server Hardware Refresh



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Thanks for the answer. I will check this is out ;)

Is it possible to virtualize the hardware as well?

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@flokaiser , I’m not seeing anything that says you can’t go virtual, just be sure to check out the hardware requirements as they can be demanding, depending on your usage:

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Thanks everyone!