Migrate Disk Library on Windows 2008 to Windows 2016

  • 9 September 2021
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Hello Community ,


We have windows 2008 R2 media servers with EMC disk library .  Want to migrate to windows 2016 can we directly do SAN level migration and attached the LUNS on Windows 2016 (Not sure will that work ). Looking for better recommendations . We dont have enough space to do Move mount Path .


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4 replies

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Hey @Spartan9,

Yeah assuming you are re-attaching the storage to new physical nodes, you should be able to do that without any issue. uninstall the old MA’s and Reinstall the Media Agents with the same name to assume their identity. To make it easier, just make sure you map to the same drive letters or mount location - although you can change that in commvault if you need to (just don't mix them up!)

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You can use move mount path, or move the hardware, and update the sharing tab to point to the correct locations on the new MA.

Check out this link which covers the whole process:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thank you @Damian Andre .

Incase if we have different host name and Map the drive to same letters & Mount location will it be okay .


Thank you @Mike Struening 

We don't have enough space ( 120 TB) to perform Move mount path .

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@Spartan9 , if the names are different, then the Commserve will not ‘see’ them since it expects them to be on the MA they exist on now.

IS there any reason you can’t reuse the same name?