Operating system upgrade to windows 2019

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We want to upgrade to Windows 2019. Are there any know issues when upgrading operating system to 2019? We are currently using Windows 2012.


Best answer by Dan White 21 June 2021, 20:30

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What’s installed CommVault wise? 

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Hi @Aplynx 

It is not a very large environment. but the business is very critcal.

media agent
Oracle agent (Windows)
SQL agent


Thanks in advance!


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Hello @CVbackup!


Here is a documentationthat will cover upgrading the windows file system on a client!

Outside of disabling backups while it is being done and reviewing the post upgrade considerations there is not much to it!

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Hello Dan


Thanks for your answer, I already checked books online. I just wanted to ask if there are known issues when upgrading to Windows 2019. 



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Hi @CVbackup 

Just to understand your concern, do you ask for general issues about w2019 support with Commvault software on clients ?

Or do you have some ‘all in one’ server with all Commvault components on a w2012 and wish to upgrade this server to w2019 ? 

Or have mulitple servers running w2012 with those Commvault roles split, and want to upgrade them (all, partly, or just one) ?

Or something else, maybe ? :slight_smile:

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Hi @Laurent 

Our customer wants to upgrade the operating system Windows 2012r2 to Windows 2019 on Commvault servers. Are there any known issues when upgrading the Windows server to Windows 2019?

Thanks in advance

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Well, it would depend on the expectations and implementation that they have.

And important to mention, what version of CV is used ?

From my knowledge (but I’m just a customer managing Commvault, not part of the Support or Dev teams), I don’t see any issues you would experience by using w2019 instead of w2012r2. The latest OS allows you to not face any obsolence OS problem, as with w2008 for example.

But, I’m curious to know if you wish to upgrade (in place update) from the same server, or create a new server on w2019 and move your Commvault roles to those new servers (fresh install).

Answering your question in the case of an in place update is maybe more complex and in your position, I’d open a case to the Support as they would have a better view of the current infrastructure and other experiences.. 

And I’d also suggest if the servers are virtual to perform the upgrade on an isolated lab from their VM backups so you would have a first, more accurate, overview of the result of such upgrade..

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You should have no issues, @CVbackup !

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Thank you all.
We cannot go onsite or give any remote help for this customer. 
I just wanted te check if there are any know issues.



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If you run into any issues, you know where to find us!