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  • 10 November 2021
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I am having trouble logging in when running qlogin.

The user logs in just fine on both console and command center.

I get this error when trying: qlogin: Error 0x202: Failed to connect to QSDK Server

Before I restartet Commvault services I got this error: qlogin error 0x70c failed to save token to a file


Hope someone has the answer :)




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6 replies

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Hi @Noobvault 

The client you are running qlogin from will need to connect to the Commserve to perform not only the login, but execute scripts too.

Please check the client has good comms to the Commserve, potentially even run a Check Readiness for the client from the Commserve to verify all is well and of course ensure the QSDK service is up and running on the Commserve.

The error “failed to save token file...” may in fact be a permissions issue for the user on the client machine. The token file will need to written to the client file system - please check the user has write permissions to folder where the qlogin is being performed.



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I have a similar issue with one of my SQL server who need to run a script to restore a DB through qlogin authentication.

First, I had the following error :

“Error 0*202 : Failed to connect to QSDK Server. Try again by providing missing commandline option -csn.”

The Check Readiness was failing.

After some network configurations (some ports have been opened since), I got the Check Readiness OK but now get the following error :

“qlogin: Error 0x70c: Failed to save token to a file.Please check the path of the input file.”

The account used in the script is a local commvault account. But the script is launched from a scheduled task using an AD account that is administrator on the SQL server executing the script.

The thing that I know is that the commserve server has moved to another subnet.

However, network team do not see any policy violation when running the script and qlogin failing

Thank you for you help.

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Furthermore, the network team did a test by opening a any/any rule, but the error stays the same.

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I get this issue when I attempt to login as anything other than administrator.


In other words you should start the cmd session as administrator in order for qlogin to work.

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It seems to work today. I will keep doing some tests to validate the method but thank you for your answer :)

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Hi @BenGodi 

This is a good discussion and I’d like to follow up on @christopherlecky’s reply.

There are 2 security contexts here, working hand-in-hand.


The first security context is on the client server itself - the command prompt process needs sufficient rights to execute the qlogin command and then write the resulting token file to disk. Depending on how the scheduled task is triggered and the user assigned to the task, this may need Admin rights to execute the command.


The second security context is the user provided to the qlogin command within the Commcell - this is completely separate from the first and potentially this user may not have any system permissions on the client machine/OS. This user must have sufficient rights/roles within the Commcell to perform the actions in the subsequent qscript or qcommands. E.g. in your example, the qlogin user must have permissions on the client to view and perform in-place or out-of-place restore jobs.


I’m glad your making progress with your commands, hopefully this info helps clarify what’s needed.