Questions about migrating a Web Server to another server, with Archiving installed

  • 9 July 2021
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One of my customers has a physical server which has the following installed:



It is also used as a Web Server for Search and recalls.


This server needs to be decommissioned so we need to migrate these roles to a new server.

I am especially worried about the recalls and I’m a bit lost in all the different Mailbox Archiving namings.

Any suggestions on how to figure out what type of archive/recall methods is used? And any idea how I could migrate these roles to a new server?

For instance, during Setup.exe I do not have the option to install the “Exchange Mailbox Archiver” agent. Is it included by default in the “Exchange” package now? I don’t think I will see a “Exchange Mailbox Archiver” under the client after I install the “Echange” package…


Any help or suggestion is greatly appriciated!


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You will mostlikely need to migrate the Exchange Mailbox Archiver Agent to OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic) 

Exchange Mailbox Archiver Agent Is Deprecated

Transitioning from the Exchange Mailbox Archiver Agent to OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic)

And then, the WebServer Migration

Web Server Hardware Refresh: Setting Up the New Web Server


What I normally do, just like cooking, I go through the documentation and see if I have everything I need before begin the install. Make sure you have a valid backup of your existing environment before the cutover.


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@Patrick Dijkgraaf,

@dude is correct that you will need to transition to OnePass for Exchange Mailbox (Classic). And the Web Server portion is covered by the documentation link provided by dude. 


Are there any other concerns about the specifics of this that we can help address for you before you attempt the refresh?

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Hi all.

Customer was under the impression that they already migrated to onepass…

After further discussion with the customer, they decided not to focus on recalls anymore. Als long as the IT staff is able to manually recover the items from Archive, that’s OK. Happens only once per year, as they have stopped using CV Archiving a while ago.

So i’ll continue and aaccept possible breakage of recalls. :-)