Reinstalling Commvault on Fujitsu Eternus CS200 S1 in restore mode

  • 9 August 2021
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I have 2 Eternus CS200 S1, one in main site and 1 in DR. Previously both are standalone appliance with license each. During the implementation, the requirements changed and the DR appliance was installed in cold standby mode. Licenses for both appliance were merged together into one license with support for dual IP’s for DR purposes.


Now there’s a new requirement to separate the 2 CS 200 as stand alone appliance again. Questions are:

  1. Is there a way to get the license back for the DR appliance?
  2. What are the procedures to split the sites?
  3. links for reinstalling the commvault software in the DR appliance
  4. links for configuring the DR appliance in Restore Mode







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3 replies

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@ElmerT , to confirm are you using these as Media Agents (and you’re referring to DR Aux copies) or as failover Commserves?

Assuming the latter, this documentation should answer your questions:

For answers to your 4 questions:

  1. Shouldn’t be necessary
  2. Do you have anything on the backup site or is it just a copy of the first? 
  3. Check the link above
  4. Same, it’s part of the process

The above answers assume you are looking to set up failover Commserves and not an Aux Copy/MA in a DR location, so please clarify if I was amiss or lacking in anything and I’ll clarify :nerd:

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. 

The commserve in DR is configured for failover. Also Im using that as a media agent to backup some servers in the DR site. Licenses for both appliance were merged into 1.

Now the requirement is to split these 2 appliances to become standalone appliances. The appliance in DR will be used to restore tape backups from main site appliance to the DR servers. The DR servers are not connected to the company LAN.

To do this I believe, I need to remove the DR appliance in the main appliance configuration (media agent, storage policies, etc) then reinstall the commvault software in the DR appliance. 

  1. How will I get the license back for the DR appliance if it was previously merged with the main site appliance?
  2. How do i configure Commvault in restore mode only?



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How do you plan to conduct the DR restores from tapes from a different commcell? using a CommCell migration? - I don't think this is the best situation. If possible it would still be better to maintain a single CommCell - you can’t simply insert the tapes into another environment (different commcell) and conduct a restore. Catalog and merge may be another option but it only supports limited data types and would delay your recovery significantly.

On the licensing front, you will need to do a license split (I assume the licensing team did a merge for you originally). can help you, but consider that you can’t apply a license with less capacity than you are using - so you have to ensure if you split the capacity of the license you are not going to be over usage for the new license key or it wont apply. 

Restore only is an agent-level option. When deploying software you can choose to deploy it in restore-only mode and it wont consume a license. I am not sure on Eternus licensing, but I think it is capacity based not agent count based so it wont really matter. Restore only mode can also be enabled by simply right clicking on the client or agent and saying “release license”.