Restore Microsoft SQL 2016 Databases - from Intellisnap Snapshots from Windows Cluster volumes

  • 9 October 2021
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When I try to restore any database that was backed up using Commvault / Intellisnap operation, I get an error indicating the disk is in Read Only mode.

  1. The snap is presented to the cluster node - seen by Windows Disk Management and Diskpart
  2. The Cluster Management doesn’t see the disk, so I can’t put in maintenance mode
  3. The cluster.exe is nolonger available in Server 2016
  4. I need to put the disk in maintenance mode to allow the CV restore to proceed

Does anyone have an exact powershell script or method to finish this process?

Is there another way to restore SQL databases to the Cluster Source disk if it was backed up using snapshots???


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4 replies

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Hey @Smartodd , I’m looking to get someone on this one for you, though I see you have an incident open for what might be the same issue.

Can you confirm?  Either way, I want to get you an answer, just want to ensure we have the best resources on both :nerd:

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Confirmed - I’ve escalated the case this morning.

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Thank you!  I’ll keep an eye on the case.

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Sharing the solution:

Provided the steps below:

The source SQL cluster disk that hosted database/logs in question for the restore was set to maintenance mode on.

Put a cluster disks in maintenance mode in GUI. Here is also PowerShell command.

Mounting snapshot to the cluster disk failed
Mounting snapshots to a cluster disk destination failed.

Set the cluster resource disk maintenance mode to be ON with the command:
cluster res "cluster disk #" /maint:on

Set the cluster resource disk maintenance mode to be OFF with the command:

cluster res "cluster disk #" /maint:off