Service CommCell display names in Global Command Center

  • 27 September 2022
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I configured a Global Command Center by registering the remote CommCells as outlined in  

When you register the remote CommCell, it asks for the Service CommCell host name along with username and password.  It then reaches out and synchronizes the service CommCells.

For some reason, when I look at the CommCell names under Service CommCells, it is inconsistent.  Some are showing a CommCell ID/Registration number while others have the full hostname and others have the short CommCell name.

Where is it pulling that CommCell Name from?  Can it be edited?

It would be nice if you could edit the CommCell names on the Service CommCells page to input a friendly name so that the other admins would know which one it was.  Perhaps that would be an enhancement?  Right now under Actions I only see Refresh and Delete.

2 replies

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It should be pulling from the Commcell name column:


CMR# 368865 to allow editing/friendly name usage


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Thanks!  I couldn’t find anywhere exposed in the GUI where I could change this on the source CommCell without looking in the database tables.  I registered 6 CommCells and they show the CommCell Name 4 different ways.  I thought it may have been the “Display Name” but even that doesn’t seem to match what the Service CommCell Registration brought in.