some users can not executr Restore Validate workflow

  • 13 March 2024
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Hello All,

we are using validate restore workflow. I can use it and it works succesfully. I am admin in our Commvault enviroenment. We have some users who do restore tests. I gave them the following roles. but when they execute the workflow. Workflow job getting pending state with that issue.
İs it about user rights?

Error Code: [19:857]
Description: failed to execute database query, please check workflow engine log for more details
Source: Garanti-CS, Process: Workflow



1 reply

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I have sarched the logs and I saw that in the logs

[Get SQL/FS Clients from clientGorup (CommServDBQuery_1)] impersonated user [GARANTI\VolkanAte] does not have required capability [Administrative Management]


But user have this capability