SQL backup failed: Another backup is running for client

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HI Team,


we are getting below error when SQL job scheduler run


Description: Another backup is running for client [zucnlifdbmfoctn], iDataAgent [SQL Server], Instance [zucnlifdbmfoctn], Subclient [default].
Source: zucpgtssvcvcsm1, Process: JobManager


Best answer by Mike Struening RETIRED 12 May 2022, 20:17

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@kumar , check the job controller (filter by this client name) and see if another job for the same subclient is running.

the newer job will resume once the prior job completes.

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I have check and there is no another job running only file level incremental backup is working fine rest all SQL job failed.  

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@kumar , is the job getting that error NOW or did it happen earlier (perhaps when other jobs were running)?

You can enable this option:

Control Panel > Job Management > General tab, select Queue jobs if other conflicting jobs are active

This will cause these jobs to queue up until the previous job(s) complete.