SQL Server Installer is not present on current DVD

  • 11 May 2021
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I am trying to install a test commserve 

I have this error message

I verified the installer and it is the same that I use to install media agents, client etc …

Do you know what could be the issue ?





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3 replies

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@Bloopa , 

You may need to create a new installation package and ensure that “Include MS SQL Server” option/checkbox is checked in the Download Manager wizard in order to bundle the required Microsoft SQL Server software for the Commserve installation

See step #6 in the below article:


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Sorry the package I have downlaoded doesn’t contain the MSSQL package in the Third Party sub folder

This is why there is an error.



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Exactly!  Therefore, you need to create a new media package with MS SQL included.  Please refer to my previous message for instructions