Uninstalling or repairing Commvault agent on remote laptops?

  • 16 May 2022
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Unfortunately due to the way we work some of our colleagues only connect laptops to VPN for a few hours each week at random times. I’ve found many of our laptops with corrupted Commvault agent installations, which I am trying to repair using SCCM. I have tried deploying a job from the Commcell to uninstall or repair, but I’ve not had any luck getting that to connect with these laptops so falling back on SCCM.


The best way I can think of resolving these issues, is to use “setup.exe /uninstall /silent” and then once uninstalled deploy the software again. This is working to remote the software from the laptops I am testing on, but it is not working to retire the laptop in the Commcell/Commserve as the colleagues don’t have permissions on Commcell. 


Is there a way to embed credentials into an XML and reference that in the uninstall?


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Yeah but you don’t want to do that. The better way to do that is do the call from a workfow. And use the impersonate creator or impersonate user activity in the workflow.

the workflow will then run with the permissions you assigned.


if you embed credentials in the xml its too easy for someone to pull the credentials or token out and use it to make changes.