Updating Commvault default local AD account

  • 30 January 2023
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Hi all, 

I haven’t personally worked with commvault before as a business level backup solution and would like some feedback after suggested by phone support to lodge a Q&A here for assistance. So apologies if I am not clear on my questions as I am navigating learning/reading up this. 

So my client is using Commvault version is 11.20.90 which is originally setup on a virtual machine to use as their backups /  recovery solution for VM systems and data. IT admins use SSO but I can see there’s a local admin account for it which was likely setup when it was first spun up along with it using MySQL.

So we’re changing the use of a local administrator account to be either turned off or updating its local password for the application and from the article below it states that Commvault requires administrator role for its service account to run. See article below;


I am intending or at least want to change this however I want to ensure when I make the change if there’s a support article / guide for what I am trying to do and what services it  will affect (i.e agents that run the backup tasks on any backup VMs etc) or I am best off leaving it and not change it as may require for the agents to be reinstalled?


Looking forward to suggestions/feedback on this, cheers.

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Hi @OPC,
MySQL is a typo, isn’t it? You’re talking about MS SQL Server backup.

As described we need a user with the local administrator role, not the local Administrator user itself.

“that Commvault requires administrator role for its service account to run” > no, the CVLT services run with “Local System”; no need to change this.