V11.24.12 missing from downloads

  • 16 September 2021
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Hello ! 

A couple of days ago I updated the version V12.SP20 to V11.SP24 and installed a hotfix 12. Today I discovered that this hotfix 12 has disappeared from those available for download on the site https://ma.commvault.com/HotfixPacks?fv=11.0&sp=24. There is a problem ?

5 replies

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Hey @Alex_Moscow , hope all is well!  I moved this to its own post for better tracking and awareness.

11.24.12 was pulled due to a discovered issue regarding cloud library backups.  I’m currently investigating the issue with the related engineers and developers and will update this thread with more detail as I find it.

Here is the workaround/conditions:

I’ll keep you posted as I confirm more details!

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Hi Mike Struening !

Thanko you for info. We do not use cloud libraries.

While updating to SP24, I paid attention to the installation of the new version .Net. After that, it was required to install 22 Windows-updates on the servers for .Net. It alarmed me.

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Your attention to detail beat me to the punch.  I planned to create a post about this, though I want to see first how many people are vulnerable and likely reach out to them directly assuming it isn’t a large amount.

Either way, we now have a post for anyone who wanders inside our welcoming doors!

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@Mike Struening thx for the information - I was wondering too why 11.24.12 no more available for download, because we updated on Wednesday to this version.

We use Cloud Libaries in Azure and Private Cloud (StorageGrid) for VSA Backup but all our Media Agents have “Storage Accelerator” installed and till now we can see no errors in VSA Backups and Agent Backups.

Only thing we recognized was after the update DR Replication was not working and we had to install “Storage Accelerator” on SQL DR Instance. After that it was working fine again.

So we also very interested in any news regarding 11.24.12 because we are using it in our productive environment now.




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@Marcel Geisen , happy to help.  You are ok for now, though I’ll still waiting for the permanent fix to be revealed.

Will keep you all updated!