scrclientID, scrclientID and clientname

  • 16 March 2023
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Hello,I take scrClientID and destclientID from the command:qoperation execscript -sn DataInterfacePairConfig -si listByClient -si clientNameis there any way to associate scrClientID with client name (how to get client name using thise id’s)?thank you very much for helpDorothy

Best answer by Sebastien Merluzzi 23 March 2023, 12:24

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5 replies

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Hi @dorota ,

You can run qoperation execscript -sn DataInterfacePairConfig -si listAll

or you can look at REST API:

Best Regards,


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Hi @Sebastien Merluzzi ,


thank you for hint, but when I run:

qoperation execscript -sn DataInterfacePairConfig -si listAll

In output I  have the same scrClientID and destclientID numbers as from command:

qoperation execscript -sn DataInterfacePairConfig -si listByClient -si clientName


and I want to find the ClientNames related to this scrClientID and destclientID.






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@dorota ,

What version are you running please, this is what I have on FR28 or above:


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@Sebastien Merluzzi 




version is 11.24.90 and I see it like that (without client Name)



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ok, so you would need to migrate to FR28 to see the new options then.

You can use the SQL Query or REST API for now.