Commvault Upgrade and Commvault DB/MSSQL upgrade order

  • 11 August 2023
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We’re slowly planning some upgrades to our Commvault installasjon, where we’re planning to go from 11.24 to 11.32 (which i understand can be done with a direct upgrade from .24 to .32)….. but we also plan to upgrade the Commvault MSSQL installasjon, which is currently an older MSSQL versjon,


The question is, should we upgrade the DB first, or Commvault ? Any recommendation ?

5 replies

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Hi Bjorn,

The easiest would be to follow documentation =


This involves uninstalling the CS and SQL Server and reinstalling with the newer FR release, this will also include SQL Server 2019. Then just run a CSRecoveryAssistant to restore the CS to its previous configuration.


Alternatively (although not within our documentation), you could run an SQL Server in-place upgrade if your current and target versions support it. In this case it won’t really matter if the CS or SQL Server are done first, since both should be in-place upgrades.


As a final note, if you are currently in SQL Server 2012 Enterprise, the only possible option if you plan to use the SQL Server bundled version with CV, will be to reinstall it, since we currently bundle SQL Server Standard Editions with our software and there is no direct in-place upgrade path from Enterprise to Standard.

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Hello @Bjorn M 


Please refer to following BOL to perform upgrade of MS SQL Server edition for SP32 -


Please ensure that you have a healthy DR backup for a roll-back if needed.

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Thanks @Javier and @Tanuj Balani !


Sounds like doing both upgrades at the same time/process is the most effective way.

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Hi Bjorn

I have recently upgraded from 11.24 to 11.28, which also involved upgrading the SQL DB from 2012 following the books online.

Painless, finished in about 75 minutes from shutting down to starting up, no issues on startup!

If you are running the Commserve on a virtual server, take that just in case snapshot

And make sure you have a note of the directories where your binaries, SQL DBs and DR Backup lie, as you are asked this during the installation

Good luck


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We are planning to upgrade from 11.28.100 to 11.32.38 FR. 
minimum SQL DB version is 13.x and 14.x
and minimum Oracle DB version is 11.2 and 12.1

Can someone tell if it is compatible and good to upgrade