Upgrade from Commvault 11.28 (with SQL 2014, Win Server 2016) to 11.32

  • 5 March 2024
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Currently I am on Commvault version 11.28 with SQL Server 2014 and Windows Servers 2016.

Will there be any issues with upgrading it to Commvault version 11.32?

7 replies

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Hello @Brandon Tran 


Thanks for the great question. 

The following goes over the steps on upgrading the SQL version on your CS

We recommend doing this before moving to 32.

As the doco states, if you are planning an OS refresh as well to 2019 windows or higher then now is also the best time to do it.


Kind regards

Albert Williams 

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Thank you, @Albert Williams , for a quick response.

I did look at the documentation online you provided before posted this.

Documentation online did say “new installations of Commvault version 11.24 and later versions use MS SQL Server 2019, which requires a minimum of MS Windows Server 2016. Commvault upgrades are still supported.”

If one was to look at the pre-requisites of v11.28, it also says MS SQL2016 is the minimum version, yet this CommCell (v11.28.102) is running MS SQL2014.

The question is, do we have to upgrade the SQ2014L to v2016/2019 or can we still upgrade the current v11.28 CommCell with MS SQL2014 to v11.32?




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Hi @Brandon Tran ,

I would personally upgrade SQL Server to 2016/2019 - Microsoft did a chance in licensing which means 2016/2019 Standard can license more cores, which will help with the performance.

I have also seen cases where an old version of SQL Server may have caused performance and unexpected issues on newer versions.

Not to say SQL Server 2014 is current EoL for Microsoft.

The best will definitely be to upgrade to at least SQL Server 2016 to ensure the correct functionality

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Hi @Javier,

I agree with you and Albert, this is the good opportunity to do a CommServe hardware refresh with Windows Server 2022. The DB DR dump file (MSSQL2014) will automatically be update to MSSQL2019 during the installation of the CommServe software.

As for MSSQL2014 question, CV DEV have to confirm if update to 11.32 is supported.



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@Javier and @Albert Williams 

This is what I have found out from support. If you don’t want to upgrade Win 2016 to 2019/2022,

You can upgrade the current CommServe with 11.28 to 11.32 and SQL 2014 will be updated to SQL 2019 as well.

The way for this to work, you have to download the software and run it manually.

If you download it through CommCell and run the upgrade from the software cache, SQL Server will not be upgraded automatically.

You have downloaded the software using download manager select the Download packages to install on a different computer option.

Then when you get to the Custom Media Options, select Full Media Kit include MS SQL Server options.

Now when you go to upgrade the CommServe (as long as the OS will support SQL 2019), it should upgrade the installed version of SQL to 2019 as well as upgrade the CommServe to 11.32.

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Will this in-place upgrade work for Commvault 11.24 (with SQL 2014, Win Server 2016) to 11.32 using the Full Media Kit

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Hi @pingsoon ,

Yes, that is an operation that is also supported;