Error Code: [62:1174] Description: Failed to mount media with barcode

  • 4 February 2022
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The current tape type is V7M8.
I also changed the type to V7, V7M8, and V8.
But I keep getting the following error message:
Please review if there is a solution.

Kind Regards


Error Code: [62:1174] Description: Failed to mount media with barcode [AUS000L8], 
side [A_2087], into drive [HPE Ultrium 8-SCSI_2], in library [HP MSL G3 Series 70] on MediaAgent [KRDJMASP01]. SCSI Operation: Move Media From Slot To Drive. Reason: The device reported an illegal request error during the execution of the command. Advice: If this error is persistent, check if there are any visible hardware errors reported by the device or Operating System logs. Please contact your hardware vendor. Source: glbcomcel, Process: MediaManager 







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2 replies

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@M.S.KIM , were you able to confirm issues with the hardware as per @Jordan ‘s suggestion?


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Hi @M.S.KIM 


This looks to be a hardware error. Are you sure the tape you have is physically a V7M8 or V8 tape?


Please attach CVMA logs from KRDJMASP01 for review. Also please advise if these tapes are HP branded and if so, what colour are they?


Thank you