Failed to verify the device from MediaAgent - Failed to check cloud server status Error: The certificate file is not found. Error = 44336

  • 6 September 2022
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Hello. I’m trying to configure an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage but it’s showing this error:



I already put all the information required to configure, such as: Service Host, Tenancy OCID, User OCID, Key’s Fingerprint, PEM Key Filename and Bucket.

Also created a config file in .oci folder.

What do I have to do to solve this problem?


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@vtuler , thanks for the post!

I’ve found a few cases with this error.  Sharing the common resolutions/actions below:

  1. Check the password/info entered on the config and ensure there are no trailing spaces/typos.  Often, copying from a Word doc will bring in special characters
  2. Confirm connection via the Cloud test tool: this will often show any issues
  3. Ensure the certificate is installed on the Media Agent in question

Let me know if those help!