Netapp SDP( Scale out data Protection) for commvault VS Hyperscale X

  • 22 September 2021
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I come across there is solution offering from commvault -Netapp as netapp SDP. for a customer who uses netapp( nas filers for vmware datastore, data archive) for business loads how will the Netapp SDP can be option that we use currently hyperscale as backup target 


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6 replies

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Hello @Srikanth K , thanks for the post!

To confirm, are you asking if you can use the NetApp SDP with Hyperscale X, or if they can be used together?

I may have to reach out to some products folks here, though I want to be sure of your specific question first.


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Hi Mike,

origin behind the question is for the next renewal plan to replace hyperscale 1.5 so I was looking for options

  1. replace hyperscale 1.5 with hyperscale X ( if on other solutions planed to go)
  2. replace hyperscale 1.5 with NetApp SDP ( need to know advantages over HS X)
  3. invest budget more on HCI and ( for small remote sites even ROBO basic model is too much idle)

if I go for option #2 , I need to know some of the benefits of NetApp SDP may questionnaires like 

  1. what are the advantage of using using Netapp SDP 
  2. Can I get the Netapp SDP without commserv and can attach with existing commserv
  3. what type of work loads best suitable or recommended to go for Netapp SDP

    documentation site not provided much information about the solution and customer presentation or source to explore about it.





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Ok, that’s a great place to start!

Let me get in touch with some products people and get some answers.  From what I can see, they are very different solutions from each other with different initial use cases, though whether the NetApp SDP can be used as a Media Agent/Library only, I am not sure.

I’m also going to reach out to your Sales Rep on your behalf about this inquest.

Give me a bit of time to get some information and I’ll return with more (or have others reply directly).

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To confirm what Mike stated, the NetApp SDP solution is a completely different architecture with the NetApp HCI at the core of the solution and is meant to be a total solution. The Commvault Commserve and Media agents would be VMs running in the dedicated HCI environment (ie for Commvault components only) with additional NetApp arrays as the storage target(s). This would not be considered a replacement for HyperScale. The solution would be the dedicated NetApp HCI hardware for Commvault Only resources, plus the NetApp storage for the disk (CIFS/NFS) libraries and NetApp StorageGrid for longer term data retention. Having stated that, unfortunately earlier this year, NetApp has announced the End of Availability for the NetApp HCI platformand will no longer be sold after February 2022. Since the SDP solution is based on the HCI, it will no longer be available either. It would be recommended to go to HyperScale X.


See below for the EOA announcement.

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@Srikanth K - Worth noting that HyperScale X is a significant upgrade over 1.5 in many ways.

New file system where Commvault owns the entire codebase (rather than using RH Gluster) and much better hardware - more flexibility with adding nodes etc. 

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Thanks All!


If Netapp HCI is EOA since Feb 2022 , It would not be worthy for us to review the solution

around 10 remote sites with less than 20 servers each so couple of years back we brought HS 1.5 but the backup footprint is small that even the basic model of HS X appliance with minimal disk capacity so the 80% of the resources are idle so planning to go with virtual MA along with infra VMs in the HCI.

As usually renewal ref arch HS 1.5 with ref Arch Hyperscale X for large environment.