Live sync Log Failover logshipping SQL error 30:436

  • 9 March 2021
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On a fresh installed LAB, I am trying to test my failover


I have followed this r good detailed procedure.


I got an error message in the job controller when the cv failover logshipping start.

Error Code: [30:436] Description: Instance validation failed: Insufficient SQL Server role. To configure the instance, the user must be a member of the SYSADMIN SQL server role. Source: commserve, Process: JobManager 


which user should have the sysadmin rights ?

on the SQL management studio,

sqladmin_cv has sysadmin role and sqlexec_cv has only public



Thanks !


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6 replies

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Did you also check the database on the Standby CommServe?



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Hi @Jeremy,

Yes it is exactly the same config on the standby Commserve.


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Hi @Mike Struening,

Thanks for your help.

On the two commserves PROD and standby, the NT AUTORITY\SYSTEM has the sysadmin role

here is the exact error message.


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@Bloopa is there any chance you have another account specified?

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Thanks to all. 

On each instance I had to specify this.