How to earn badges

  • 7 January 2021
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Participation of course!  🤩 🤩 🤩


For all the actions you take in the community, including…

  • asking questions
  • starting conversations
  • answering questions 
  • participating in conversations
  • sharing best practices

… you are awarded points and those eventually add up into automatically applied badges that appear on your avatar and profile.  ➡️

There are also some special manually applied badges that the community team can use to recognize members. For example, you’ll see that some early participants in our community received Founding Member badges. 




And finally there are external programs like Commvault’s Expert Certification Program by which Commvault administrators and engineers have earned “Certified Expert” rank that is reflected in the community. 







As we grow our community more opportunities for recognition will be announced. Stay tuned! 

7 replies

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Hello, quick question : 

How is the Certification updated ? I passed some Certifications after joining this community, so how would that be updated ?

As well, what’s the ‘Byte’ or ‘Bit’ on my profile ?

Thanks ! 

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@Laurent , we are going to be updating our bit/byte definitions soon.  Some of our members (I mentioned you by name 😁) go so far and beyond for everyone else, and it’s important to me that we recognize this!

Stay tuned for more.

Regarding your certs, did you pass the Masters exam?  If you did, let me know and I’ll see why you aren’t showing that reflected here.

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Thanks @Mike Struening 

Not yet the masters, just the CCP (CVCP20202021110906). 

I plan to level up this year but it’s hard to find suitable sessions that could match my agenda, so a bit left aside when projects or Productions inside my company require my attention 😊.

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Understood.  I believe as of now, only the Certified Experts cert will show up here.

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@Mike Struening stttttttt it's Certified Expert 😉 I really liked the naming they previously used but unfortunately people nowadays make a big deal out of everything…..

Speaking of it……. any idea what the future is going to bring when it comes to certifications? 

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FIXED (thanks)!

I don’t have any inside scoop on the future of certs, though I can check in with those who do!

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@Onno van den Berg thanks for your question about what’s coming in Commvault Certifications. We are in the process now of creating new certification tracks, but I can’t reveal any details yet and I don’t have a firm ETA for you, other than to say that development is underway. We will announce new programs broadly, including here in the Community. Stay tuned!