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  • 29 June 2022
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We need to use the chargeback details report, but we also need to create alerts that report.
Within the chargeback details report, we can configure alerts per server (within the chargeback details window). But how can we create alerts onthe “chargeback summary”? (for example on total media size).

 note: no, we cannot use the standard chargeback report for that, as that on a private metric server, and not accessible by endusers.




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2 replies

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Hi Bart,

Not sure if this is possible, but going to tag @RMcG to see if he has any quick thoughts on how to accomplish something like this.

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The ‘Chargeback Summary’ component in the report is an html component so doesn’t support the alerts feature. Not all the component types do. 

Data Table components support the alerts feature and the fields used in the ‘Chargeback Summary’ component are just a subset of those from the ‘Chargeback Details’ report dataset. This is the same dataset used for the ‘Chargeback Details’ data table uses with the exception that the fields are aggregated as a sum of the row values.

Given this and the report being editable I suggest that a simple way to allow use of the alerts feature with those summary values would be to add a new data table component to the report with just the fields you are interested in and configure the aggregate option for each of the fields as a ‘sum’. Then you can create an alert on the new data table the usual way when viewing report.


If you want to control whether the additional table is visible to specific users or in certain cases then you could use the Component Security or Visible Expression options for it.