Commserve_DR_Disk Storage policy and Primary copy settings/configuration

  • 13 October 2022
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Apparently the “Commserve_DR_Disk” and Primary/Secondary copies are created automatically during certain CommVault installation/setup steps….

We are attempting to retire an old disk library and there’s still some data on it that commvault will not age off (I may have to create a ticket for some of it). I could force/delete it but I’m also trying to have it clean up “nicely/cleanly”.  One of the larger blocks of data appears to be some DR backups that are attached to the ‘Primary” copy.  I did some digging by running the “Data Retention Forecast and Compliance Report” and it appears that this data (~10 TB) is hanging around due to “Managed Disk Space Option Enabled for Prunable Job on Disk Media”. I checked the Primary copy and yep, the “Enable managed Disk Space for Disk Library” has been checked. i assume tahts teh setting causing the extended retention.


  1. Is “Enable managed Disk Space for Disk Library” checked by default by commvault when it creates/builds the Commserve_DR_Disk Primary copy storage policy?  If so, any idea why? I’m mostly just wondering if its not the default and someone checked it long ago.
  1. Is there any dangers for ‘unchecking” “Enable managed Disk Space for Disk Library” for this copy so it can delete the data off of storage now? I figure I could finagle the managed disk library settings by setting them to 0% to make the DR backups age off, but having “Enable managed Disk Space for Disk Library” seems like a lot of DR backup data to keep if we have a large disk library (and we have ~10 TB used up by these, per the report)

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Hi @tigger2 

The “Managed Disk Space” option is both a blessing and a curse. 

Basically, it allows you to say, I know what the storage policy retention is but if there is enough disk library space available please keep the jobs for longer. 

So, in terms of your questions - 

  1. Years ago (I am talking 10 years or more back) I *think* it used to be the default option but I don't recall it being default on the Commserve DR Storage Policy.  It is possible that a new copy was created which had it set by default and subsequently promoted to be the primary copy. It certainly hasn't been a default option for some time now - I want to say since v10 or v11 but without going back and checking I cant be certain. 
  2. Provided you are happy with the defined Storage Policy retention - double check what jobs are not aging due to “Managed Disk Space” as these would be deleted - then you can safely untick the “Enable Managed Disk Space” option but do, as I have said, cross reference what jobs are being retained as a result of the option and make sure you are happy for them to be deleted. 



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