Disconnecting a User from admin console

  • 1 December 2022
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Hi , 

When you show the ‘ User Logged In ‘  from windows  ‘ view’  from the commcell,   Many users are always connected from  1min to 12 Days. 

i see the Name ( msnet\aln8800)  the host name ( Ip xxx) Logged in ( 9 Nov 2022) Idle time ( 13Days - and console type  (  GUI or ADMIN CONSOLE ) 

I can’t disconnected  the 33 users  because the option is  in ‘Grey’ color



Disconnecting a User (


4 replies

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@Daniel - 

I am not certain why its greyed out perhaps permissions or similar. Someone else might be aware of why it would be greyed for certain.

However currently you can logout all user leveraging qlogout

and going forward you can set a idle timeout for users as well to prevent from reoccuring

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Hi, Thx for yor response,

I read and used the articles 45214 and 8642  but my problem is the Greyed message probably link to a security issue. 


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I checked in the lab, Qlogout will only work if Qlogin was used.




I will investigate and get back to you.


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Development added the support to disconnect the sessions of Admin console in FR29.

(FORM 154314).

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