Does anyone know the fix for this ERROR CODE [32:320]: Failed to Cross-Check Oracle Clients. Source: commserve, Process: DataAging

  • 18 November 2021
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Our data aging jobs are not completing correctly.  all indications are it’s Oracle but has anyone got any advice about what to ask.

Apologies am a newbie here.


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Hi @BillNCC,


I'd suggest to check the DataAging.log on the CS to see what client(s) the Oracle Cross Check fails on.

For those Clients, ensure they are online and available for Cross Check. Or if it is not required, you can disable the Check. - As per article:


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To @MichaelCapon ‘s point, almost every time I’ve encountered this error, the server mentioned in the log file is either not online, or the database is not online.

It’s generally best to take that info from the DataAging.log to your DBA and have them see what’s going on.

ps Welcome to the community, @BillNCC !  We’re here for newbies and Jedi Masters alike!