Getting an error -> Could not complete SSO.Check the configuration and retry.While creating a customized package to install on laptop .

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Hello All,

I am new to commvault. I am trying to create a customised commvault package to be installed on laptop client.

However on step (Select how you want to authenticate with the server). I selected Single sign on.

Getting below error:

Could not complete SSO.Check the configurations and retry.


I am able to login to the Commcell console with SSO by using the same domain user but while creating a package , i am getting the error as described above.Could you please help to get this issue resolved ? Thanks in advance !


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Hi @CommvaultLearner 

Thank you for the question and welcome to the Commvault Community!

What was the user context you were logged on with when generating the custom package?

When you create the package, the user provided will need to contact AD or the authentication provider to authenticate.

If the machine you were using and the current user context were unable to perform SSO, then it will fail.

See if you can build the package from a user account that also has credentials in the SSO domain and let me know how you get on.



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Thanks @Stuart Painter,

For a long awaited reply !!

I am creating a cusom package from the commcell server for laptops(including only File system Core package) and the user i am using is the domain user (AD\Administrator).

I have already enabled/established an SSO with this same domain-user (AD\Administrator) and i am successfully able to open the commcell console using SSO without entring credentials for my commcell console.

I am also able to validate this AD user account successfuly from Domain & organizations option.



I am using this same AD user for creating package and while selecting method to authenticate with the server. 

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Hi @CommvaultLearner 

When you select SSO as Auth Method during the installation
Is the user name being populated automatically or are you having to manually enter the details? 

Is that Laptop currently joined to that same domain and the logon user(OS) the same being displayed in the SSO field?



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Hello  @Juan Rosas 

I am not installing the package on laptop.

I am creating the package to be installed on a laptop.

While creating a customized package, it asks to select a method for server authentication and during this process it gives us 3 options (1) Auth code (2) Enter credentials (3) Single sign on.

I selcted single sign on and got the error message as “Could not complete SSO.Check the configuration and retry.”

Yes both laptop and commvault server are part of the same domain.

I have commvault server (windows machine). I logged into this server with credentials as AD\administrator.

I have enabled the SSO so while opening the commvault console it doesn’t ask me to enter the credentials because it authenticate with the domain credentials (AD\administrator) i used to login to the commvault server.

I am creating a customised package on my commvault server. Ideally it shouldn’t give me the SSO error because i am successfully able to login to the CommCell console through SSO without entering any credentials.


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Hello Guys, 

Any idea/clue towards resolution please? 

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Hello @CommvaultLearner 

It’d best to address this issue further within a support case. As we’d want to get on a remote session and reviewing logging to identify why this error is occurring. When you’re able please go ahead and submit a support ticket on for this issue.

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@CommvaultLearner , following up on this one.  Did you get an incident opened for this?  Let me know the incident number so I can track it :sunglasses:

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Following up on this question.  Were you able to get an incident opened @CommvaultLearner ?


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@CommvaultLearner , did you have any luck in resolving this?  I don’t see any incident created.

The error indicates the installer did not think you were on the domain, so this is definitely a puzzling issue.

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Hello Mike and all,

Accept my sincere apologies for not posting anything since long. 

I didn't open a case to commvault support because my environment was a test environment. I installed the free trial version of commserve so it didn't allow me to open a case to support.


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If you have the Trial version and register it, you can open a support case (but registering is the important part).

When did you install the Trial version?  If you call Customer Support they’ll let you know if you’re Trial is registered and if not, help you do so!

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Hello Mike Struening ,

Please help me to get this issue resolved. 

The incident opened 211123-142 | Windows Installation Issue | CVLT::0738009945

This incident is open for more than 10 days now.

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Absolutely!  I just sent a message to your agent and their Manager asking them to give you a direct call and remote in.

Keep me posted, though I’ll do the same once I hear back.

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Sharing incident solution:

Escalated to Dev
As per the logs, the one user used to login to commcell console was AD SSO which is not supported by installer.
Customer may have to configure SAML SSO for installer to support.