How to modify well known filetypes associated with Content Library

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Hi Everybody,

I need to modify the associated well known filetypes in Content Library but couldn’t find any information on how to do this. Some associations do not work for me the way they are associated. Also need to add additional filetypes like e.g. heic or rmvb.

Does anybody know how to modify this?

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Good morning.  When you say “I need to modify the associated well known filetypes in Content Library”, are you referring to the contents of a subclient, and if so, what type of agent are you needing this done for?

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Hi Orazan,

I am using the collections of file extensions in the Content Library of a Windows subclient to define the content to be backuped as shown in the screenshot below. 

However those associations of “well known file types” available there are not suitable for my needs and also not very up to date.

This is why I am looking for a way to modify those file type associations. 


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Here is the document on configuring user defined subclients:

Have you looked at this document on Wildcards for the Windows File System agent?

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@Orazan I already saw those but they do not answer my question.

The links you referenced only describe how to use the %Image% wildcard when defining the subclient content.  

I just want to modify which filetypes are associated to %Image%. Like adding the *.heic filetype to the list of associated filetypes to cover IPhone made photos in that format as well as well.