How to set up backup MS SQL base on windows client?

  • 18 November 2022
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I can't find the documentation, please, what are the steps required to install a backup of the sql database on the windows client?

Thank you!

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Elizabeta Krešo


3 replies

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Hello @elizabeta 

For installing the agent there are a few options:

Simplest way if using Command Center

If you do not leverage the command center than you can do this also in Commcell console

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@Scott Reynolds thank you for your answer.

I have installed SQL agent.

Now I need to set up a backup on the Windows client for SQL databases.

I need to adjust the schedule for full backup and transaction log backup.
What all needs to be enabled on the client to set up Transaction log backup?


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Hello Elizabeta,

It sounds that the next steps are for you to configure a schedule. 

If you have created this in the Command Center you will have the RPO associated to the plan

If you have created this in the Java GUI you will need to create a Scheduled Policy and associate it to the subclient of your new agent