How to troubleshoot "name conflicted with the other instance" during configuring oracle database

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When adding an instance to the RAC database in commcell console, there is a popup “name conflicted with the other instance”


How can I find out which database is already setup with the instance.




Best answer by Stuart Painter 21 May 2021, 11:12

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Hi Ralf,

I’m inferring from your other question that you’re configuring Data Guard, right?
If so, you need to configure the following setting to get around the error you’re seeing:

Hope that helps.

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Hi Tom,

u are right, am configuring Data Guard. Standby is at a different RAC.

Your proposal does not fix the issue. The error message pops up independent of the instance_name.

I set your adviced parameter at physical client level. At RAC Level, I cannot choose the category CommServe

Thx for your reply

Regards, Ralf

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Hi Ralf,

Apologies for the ambiguity. The setting needs to go in the additional settings section under the CommServe itself (not the Oracle client).

Hope that helps.

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Hi Tom, in commcell java console, I can see a window “commcell browser” with following entities: 


  client computer groups

  client computers


  Dev-Test and DR


but there is no CommServe itself.

Sorry it does not help

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Hi Ralf,

I guess ‘pbkcs’ is the client name of your CommServe, right?

If you right-click that and select ‘Properties’, you should get the option to set Additional Settings at the CommServe level.

Hope that helps.

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Hi @Tom Sheppard ,

pbkcs as client name for CommServe makes sense to me.

Right Click offers me:

-All Tasks


-Control Panel


-Add to fafourites


No properties, No settings, No additional here.


Thanks for your effort


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Hi Ralf,

This sounds like your user account does not have permissions to view the CommServe properties.

Someone in your organisation with admin privileges should be able to make the change for you.

Hope that helps.

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Hi @Ralf 

As you are not seeing “Properties” on the Commserve client, this is likely due to your account permissions.

Are you able to check the same steps using “admin” user or another master level Commcell user account?