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Question: Is there a way to edit the Library and Drive Report to show when the space reaches below 10% in a different color other  than " Green "

REF: Library and Drive Report




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Hello @gary mcneely,

Perhaps you could check the Disk Library Growth Report in the Web Console.

If that does not fit your need you may want to open a ticket with support to ask development about a change modification request.

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It might be worth mentioning here that you can also configure a predefined alert to warn you when you reach those thresholds and send an email, snmp, or console alert for example.

Insufficient storage on library

Media Management / Library Management

This alert notifies the user when there is no spare media in a library, or if the number of spare media for the scratch/cleaning pool in a library falls below the watermark.

For disk libraries, the alert is sent if the disk space falls below the watermark or if there is insufficient disk space.