Tools - Add/Remove sofware button missing in CommCell

  • 15 November 2021
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I am delegating access to my DBA group so that they can manage their own clients, including pushing agents from the Commserve.  I’ve granted their role access to:


However when these users open up their Commcell GUI, the “Install Software” button (under the Tools menu item) is not there.



If they log in to the web (admin) console - they *can* push the agent that way.  But we would much prefer for them to be able to manage everything from the same location (i.e. the commcell GUI) rather than flip back and forth.  Is there some other permission that I’m missing?


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Hi @nerdgirl , thanks for the post!

I believe they will need these rights.


That button is a CommCell level feature.

Automatic Updates/Upgrade



Associated CommCell Entities

Configure, download, and install software upgrades.

Administrative Management


Install Package/Update


Install Client


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Thanks for this info!  So how do I apply this permission ONLY at the Commserve level -- is there a way to disable delegation to sub-objects?  Otherwise, all the permissions I’ve applied ONLY to the SQL Clients group now apply to everything (if I select to associate the role to the CommCell, it automatically includes all the sub-objects and I can’t un-select them)




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Hi @nerdgirl,

The “Install Package/Update” capability allows the user to update (FR or MR) and install additional packages to existing clients where they have permissions to do so.

The “Install Software” option the user is missing from the GUI is for brand new installations: Clients that are not registered in the Commserve and will be added for the first time.

Is impossible to associate a client that does not exist to the user Associated Entities, and that's why this one needs to be added at CommCell level.

** If you are okay with user only pushing software to their own clients in the GUI, then you already got the right permissions and it does not really matter they can't see Tools > Add/Remove Software > Install Software, since all those tasks are for Commserve management at top level.


Instead, they will right click the client > All Tasks > Add/Remove Software > Update or Install Software.


** If you actually need them to add brand new clients to the CS and install software, then you will need to add the capability mentioned in previous reply:


You can actually just add a separate role with ONLY this permission, since user won't be able to do anything else on the other entities anyways.


I hope this clarifies your question. Please let us know if we can help further.


Best regards,

Sarahy Pardo

US-Server Team