Use resources from different Azure tenant for Backup

  • 16 September 2023
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One Azure Tenant (“A”) with production workload only (Azure VMs, Azure Files, Azure SQL, & in-guest Applications).

One Azure Tenant (“B”) solely for Backup resources (Media Agents, Blob Storage for primary Backup, Access Nodes, etc.).

Both Tenants are in the same geographical region in Azure.

Backup Azure resources from Tenant “A” using the resources from Tenant “B” with the Backup stored in Tenant “B” on Azure Blob.


Why different Tenants? Mainly for administrative purposes (separate Users, Subscriptions, Network connectivity).



Is this even possible? I’m aware that the resources used for Backup should be in the same geographical  region, but what if they are in a different Tenant?

From my understanding it should technically be possible, but I’m unsure about possible drawbacks (latency, egress costs, etc.)

Any experiences or recommendations with such a setup?

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