With Office365, can the Index Server and the Exchange Proxy be the same server?

  • 3 May 2021
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Hello All,


I’m just starting to play with Office 365 configurations in my lab. As I’m going through the documentation and watching some YouTube videos, I’ve come across a question I haven’t seen mentioned. 

Can I have the Index ​​Server and the Exchange Proxy server on the same Windows Server. I’m with an MSP and we haven’t started using Office365 for our tenants yet. It seems going through the documentation that we need a separate Exchange Proxy for each tenant but I’m unsure of the Indexing Server. Do I need an Index Server for each tenant and can that be on the Exchange Proxy server? Looking to cut back on the number of Windows VMs to manage basically. If they can’t be on the same server, can I use the same index server for multiple tenants then have separate Exchange proxies.


Any other tips would be welcomed.




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There is no simple answer here,  this is all based off the environments you want to backup.  Very small environments can get away with using an access/index all in one.  However in most scenarios it is not recommended.  If they intend to be an all in one server they have to make sure they can meat both HW requirements below and be aware you may be asked to split them if performance issues occur even with meeting the requirements on 1 server .


Hardware for Index:

Hardware for Access nodes:


Indexes can be shared:


However be careful using index servers for multiple tenants  as you will reach the upper limits faster of the index server.  


For reference we normally suggest for exchange online for MSP’s to use the Exchange Online only option due to the ability for the Access node to not have to be part of the domain.