backup using san transport mode for IBM power systems

  • 18 January 2023
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We would like to configure Commvault backup on IBM power systems which runs on AIX with SAP, DB2 and other application types hosted.


The requirement is to run backups over SAN.


Please share some thoughts or documentation in achieving this.


My Current Understanding :

  1. Zone the luns associated to the IBM power systems to Commvault MA\Proxy
  2. Once they are zones , during backup configuration 
  3. Choose the SAN transport mode for backup or will it automatically choose to run on SAN transport mode when Auto is set for backup.


3 replies

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Just for clarity...this is for virtual server backups or file system backups?

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These are physical systems which run on IBM 9040-MR9 , CPU: PowerPC_POWER9. with AIX os on them .

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Recommendation for a DB Server is having IDA installed and backup through the agent for FS and DB.

VM backup for DB server may result in DB small outages due to quiescing and snapshotting.