automation and installation of commvault packages

  • 30 January 2024
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Dear all, I need some help, the client is requesting an automated process for installing agents in commvault, so that on boot he can call this through a package configuration or something like that so that as soon as he starts the VM everything goes up the automatic installation, does commvault have any process of this type? It also needs this configuration for the commserver and media agents. Does the commvault tool have this type of automation?

2 replies

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Hi Marcelo,


 I believe this may fit the bill:



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You can use the following URL to create a custom installation package and depending on the OS en automation choice use a script, configuration management tooling or indeed AD App install that executes the installation of at least the File System Core package. Once the client docks the CommCell you can think of leveraging application auto discovery to make sure application specific agents are installed and configured.