CommCell Info and CommCell License API's

  • 27 January 2021
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Hi everyone. I have had a look through the commands on offer via REST, Python and PowerShell. There doesn’t appear to be anything for CommCell Info/Licensing.  Is there anything for this in the works?


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6 replies

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Hi Anthony

Thanks for the question, please would elaborate on specific info you are looking to obtain using these commands and I can check internally to see if there’s something being worked on.

I have found REST API to obtain client license consumed by individual clients with GET Client Licenses but not any specific commands to obtain license us at commcell level. 

However, there are many different reports that provide various license consumption figures and there is an approach where you can obtain a dataset from a webconsole report and return that dataset using REST API:



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Hi Stuart, funnily I actually didn’t have that Licenses API appearing in Postman because my collection was out of date. I had a look at it and it does what what it is meant to do but I was more looking for an API that could return info like CCID (hoping to at least get this but no luck yet), Expiration Date, SKUs … and the usage. We do use the classic and webconsole reports but was just hoping to see if this something that could be in the works. :)

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Hi @Anthony.Hodges,

Under 11.22.3 I had a quick look through http://<hostname>/webconsole/api/help and found a couple that might do the trick for you:

  • GET /CommServ/LicenseUsage
    • This will get you all the usage. Looks like it’s not present in 11.20.x from my quick check
  • GET /CommcellRegistrationInformation
    • This will get you the expiry date and CCID

Alternatively, if you need something specific/different, then you can call a report dataset via API...

Hope that helps


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Wonderful Chris, I tested this in Postman and can confirm that worked in our FR11.21 environment without having to do anything different like a foreach GET over the License parts.  I guess the only thing we’d love to see is the number of purchased SKUs - but this is an awesome step forward.

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Does this help for the purchased SKUs?

  • GET /billing/license
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Yeah I saw that before but it looks like that is a summary from the CommCell License Details section, and not the CommCell License Summary.


I have tried /billing/sku and /billing/sku/short but they come back with an empty json collection.  This may be because I am testing against a B2B NFR license and not your usual B2C license.

If there is an API that pulls out these License Summary Line items like the one below then it would be Christmas in January! :)