create a report of schedule policy

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I have many backup database to enable / disable and some times we forgot to renable it. 

Is there a report to view schedule policy checked and unckecked ? Or how can i create it ? 

Thank you for your help.



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Hi @samyr ,


You could use the following report =!/135/660/27713


It will show the clients associated to the Schedule Policies, and also those that do not have any policy associated. It will allow you to get an overview of the environment’s schedules associations.

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Great !! it’s working fine ! 

Do you know if it’s possible to receive an alert when there are no Schedule parameter on the agent ? 

I serach an alert template but’ don’t find it...

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Hi @samyr ,


Glad to read the Report helped with your goals.


We don’t offer an Alert template for it, there might be times where you want to have a subclient without an associated schedule, having an alert triggered every time this happens might not be ideal.


An an alternative, you may create your own Alert Rule and configure an Alert based on it;