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  • 28 May 2024
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Hello all,


I search to create a SQL alert in order to notify me if an agent have no schedule policy associated.

I found an sql query…. but not sure of it. Can you help me ? Thank you !


use commserv

select distinct CommCellSubClientConfig.clientname, CommCellBkScheduleForSubclients.scheduePolicy, CommCellBkScheduleForSubclients.scheduleName, CommCellBkScheduleForSubclients.schedbackuptype
from CommCellSubClientConfig

join CommCellBkScheduleForSubclients
on CommCellSubClientConfig.appid = CommCellBkScheduleForSubclients.appid

1 reply

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Are you set on having an Alert? Given that removing subclients from schedules is part of your standard workflow, I would be concerned about the amount of noise generated by such an alert. 

I would instead recommend tuning the Subclient Schedule Information report to show only SQL Subclients that have no Schedules, and then scheduling that report to send at an appropriate time.