Dataagent Q_MSEXCH_DB and Q_MSEX2003_DB

  • 12 March 2021
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I want to backup some exchange database 2016 from a workflow.

I use at the workflow QCommands - Operation - Backup and see there are two kinds of dataagent’s



At the CommServe with qlist datagent -c Clientname we receive:

When I use Q_MSEXCH_DB at the workflow I receive the following error:
No enum constant workflow.types.cmd.DataAgent.Q_MSEXCH_DB

When I use Q_MSEX2003_DB at the workflow the backup works.
Can anyone tell me what is the difference between Q_MSEXCH_DB and Q_MSEX2003_DB and why I cannot use Q_MSEXCH_DB at the workflow?

We use CV 11.21.20.

regards Roland


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Have you compared the workflow command to the output of a "Save As" script?

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Hey @Roland !  @Anthony.Hodges has good advice for finding the command line script for almost any action.

For your Exchangge client, is it 2k, 2k3, or higher?  The differences seem to indicate versioning, though ideally I want to find something concrete for you.

I’ll look for more documentation on the various iDA choices as well.

For more on using CLI to backup Exchange, check out this document.

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I have done a "Save as script" but I don’t find any entry with Q_MSxxx. Thanks it was an good idea.

@Mike Struening 

I know it can be done with  "Save as Script" and use the workflow
qcommands - operation - execute (After than I can use the script as inputxml) but maybe you will find something else. 

It would be easier if it worked at other way. Always depends on the number of subclients which have to backup.

regards Roland



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We will enhance this  Feature pack 

For now please continue to use the Q_MSEX2003_DB.