How do I create a list entities to populate a dropdown?

  • 13 February 2024
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Is it as simple as create an XML representation of the entity list? 


I have been attempting to create it via Java with strange results.



2 replies

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Hi @christopherlecky,


What type of entities are you trying to list in your dropdown?  We have some built-in Entity lists that can be easily used to populate a drop-down in a PopupInput activity depending on what you need.



You would just select an Variable Type of <Other> and then expand the entries as I have above.  


Are you looking for something that’s not included above that you’re looking to pull from a Commserve Database query?


-Brian Bruno

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Thanks for answering Brian, but what I am looking for is the ability to populate a predefined variable that is a list of entity type can I generate it as xml?

I know that sounds crazy, but the reason I am asking is because I found a workflow that appears to do exactly that.


I’ll have to take screenshots to elaborate, so I will as soon as I have a free moment.