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  • 31 March 2021
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I am attempting to create a workflow to disable snmp monitoring on a particular alert.

I have successfully used the http-client custom activity to toggle the alert enable/disable.

My issue is that I am attempting to email the http response from the activity, but I cannot figure out how to pass the response from the activity to the next downstream activity.

the docs say… “7. Click the Outputs to retrieve the output from the XML operation activity...”


Anybody have any insight or example that utilize the http-client activity in a multistep workflow?






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4 replies

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I figured out how to set a workflow variable through the script section of the activity as was shown in a related topic “Workflow Script API”

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@keng , are you saying you already figured it out?  If not, can you post a screenshot of your workflow and the area you can’t see any Input option?

Assuming you are using Qcommand > Operation > Execute, you should have outputs that you can assign as inputs for another item.

Want to be sure I’m looking at the same thing you are.


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Hi Mike,


Thanks for the response - I figured out a way to do what I wanted.

I am making an API call utilizing the HTTP-Client custom activity and I found no way to set the output variables.

But I can get at the activity response in the on_complete script and set a workflow variable that I can access with my email activity.



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Thanks for confirming and sharing!