Is there an easy way to unlock a workflow?

  • 15 March 2024
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Every once in a while my Java session will crash and leave a workflow “locked” 

By me, and it won’t allow me to make modifications. I know that restarting the workflow services will unlock it, but there is a way that doesnt require cycling services?

3 replies

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Hi @clecky ,


We will have to fix Java session crashs, can you please create a incident and share logs to investigate this.




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There isn’t anything wrong with Java, I am working from an AVD so it’s prone to networking hiccups.

Most apps are fine, but the Java sessions appear to be sensitive to it. 

Usually I just save the workflow with another name and then delete it later, but I was hoping there was a quick command or something I could run.

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Edit workflows in Command Center and see if it’s more resilient? 😀