Job Rest-API doesn't show Auxcopys anymore

  • 11 October 2022
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we use the Rest API to retrieve various job information. We used "Job?completedJobLookupTime=86400" to show all backup jobs and AuxCopys for the last 7 days. But since we installed the 11.28.14 update, we don't get any auxcopys informations. Also if we don't set the filter "completedJobLookupTime" we get 2500 results but the past auxcopys are not shown either. We have now also installed the 11.28.19 update, but it did not fix the problem.
The permissions for the user have not changed.
We can reproduce the problem via API Explorer or Postman. 

The API documentation refers to a "JobFilter Parameter Values" list where auxcopys are still listed.

Are auxcopys no longer displayed via the Job Rest API?


Best answer by Gokul Pattabiraman 18 October 2022, 22:20

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5 replies

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@OPadberg , I have one of our dev team looking at this one.  Should have a reply on Monday.


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Small update, issue is being investigated a bit further.  I haver the top devs in for the feature working on this one 😎

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Thank you very much for the answer. It seems that admin-jobs are generally not displayed through the "Job" API anymore. I would be happy if your devs could find something.

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We have identified an unintentional behavior change in the jobs REST API in 11.28 and we are actively working on a hot fix. We will update the thread more details once we have it ready.

In the meantime, if you want a quick workaround, please append the below query parameter to the API URL, to get admin jobs also in API response.


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Thank you very much, the parameter has fixed the Problem. Now all auxcopys displayed.