Last good job of subclient via REST API

  • 28 October 2021
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I need for a automation project get the last successful backup job of a subclient. I found last job of a client, but when we have SQL server with some instances the list of jobs are very long and exceed the limit  10000 as the list is not from newest to oldest, so I need all jobs to find the last JOB number.


Any ID how I can get simply the last jobid of subclient?

we have commcell with 11.20.55 running


thanks for any help.

regards Juergen


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2 replies

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Hey @Juergen , thanks for the question!

I’m asking an internal resource for advice.  He or I will respond once we have an answer.

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@Juergen   I would use the subclient backup coverage report… add the necessary filters and columns, and then (with command center of course) hit the gear and dump the report as the REST API.  


In the below screenshot you can see I filter it down to just SQL backups and I can pull the full or nf job ID based on the job status (like completed)