OID SNMP MIB Simpana.mib

  • 1 June 2024
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Hello. I have a questions about MIB.
1. Where I find a link in the documentation to the latest MIB file with the latest OIDs? Is there a place on the Commvault 11.32 server where I can find this file?
2. How often is the MIB updated?

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You need to install the SNMP enabled component on the CommServe, but it requires that you enable SNMP service on the operating system before to proceed with the install. You can do this in a CommServe you install as demo on a VM if you do not want to do it on production.

Once installed go to the installation path and there is a “MIB” folder and inside there is a Simpana.mib file.

I don’t think it is updated, I have opened some queries in the past to update some OID’s and never got them on the file.