Problem with API access through API Explorer

  • 29 August 2022
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Hello community,

We’ve been trying to retrieve a QSDK token in Swagger API Explorer to develop some custom tools and we always get the below error even when we try to log in with csadmin (and yes the password is converted to Base64).

Are there any Advanced\Additional Settings that need to be added to the Web Server object in order to access the web service? Thanks for your help!

"errLogMessage": "Username or password is incorrect",
"errorCode": 1117

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4 replies

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@JayBR , thanks for the post, and welcome to our community!

I was able to find 2 incidents with this error……and only 1 was actually solved.

Here’s the case resolution (copied and pasted so ), which I hope applies to you!

Note, I replaced the password the customer provided but the effect is clear).

We found the issue. Customer was using the base64 password encoded by the commandline centOS.


Commvault API requires base64 encoded password hash. Recommended customer use online tool ( which generates the correct one,  but the command line at centOS does not. The difference is only one character at the end.


Customer provided example:


Example password: "<password removed>"

online tool's encoded: U3R1cGlkQ3VzdG9tZXI2NjY=

centOS encoded: U3R1cGlkQ3VzdG9tZXI2NjYK

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@JayBR no need for an additional setting what so ever. I assume you remove the {{ }} brackets signs e.g. replace them with your username and base64 encoded password without the brackets. 

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@Mike Struening , thanks for your answer, it turns out it was exactly that. The Base64 hash encoded password was generated by a command line tool and some characters were missing. We’re good to go. Best regards!

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Happy to help!!!